New games for Quickspin and Playtech

March 6, 2021 0 Comments

Today we invite you to discover two next headlines from the online slot machine game catalogs of two giants of the gaming industry. Announced for release in the coming weeks, these games may very quickly become essential and essentials at your online casinos like

We thus learn Quickspin officially announces this week the next release of its new slot machine which will be called Dwarfs Gone Wild, scheduled for the month of June; and Playtech for its part announces the release of its new slot machine The Dark Knight, soon online according to the publisher.

Quickspin’s next game hits June

An opportunity, following this press release, to tell you a little more about this brand new game that the software provider has just added to its game library and that you will certainly be able to test soon at your usual online casino. Dwarfs Gone Wild will therefore be a game that immerses you in the world of gnomes, beings constantly in search of wealth. While it will be officially available from next June, we were able to have an exclusive preview of this title on, which will therefore be offered on the majority of online casinos which are powered by the developer. But before going into the details of the game, it seems interesting to tell you that the publisher has confirmed to us that this slot machine will offer several possibilities to increase your chances of winning.

Quickspin Dwarfs Gone Wild

Right before summer, you will be able to have fun online alongside gnomes, also sometimes called elves. A very appropriate theme for a slot machine since these creatures are particularly famous for their attraction to money, their mysterious origin and above all for being holders of fabulous treasures. A judicious way on the part of the publisher to immediately immerse you in the heart of an adventure dedicated to offering you to actively participate in the development of a game that speaks of big money and will make you earn money easily, by playing on an interface that already announces the color, with quality graphics, but also a rather immersive and dynamic soundtrack. Quickspin, which is far from being in its infancy,

A location that allows you to easily manage the games on this slot machine which will therefore be structured on 5 reels, 3 rows and which will benefit from 20 active payment lines; while taking advantage of a rather particular mode of operation. We know Quickspin’s habits of always wanting to stand out from the competition like Playtech, which we will talk about a little bit below. The Dwarfs Gone Wild slot machine aims at a rather precise and original objective through a concept which consists in gathering the necessary points in order to optimize the gains and above all to easily and quickly make a return on your investment. But the publisher also promises, with its title, the player to also benefit from very lucrative features.

The features of Dwarfs Gone Wild

We therefore know that the Dwarfs Gone Wild slot machine will contain classic options. This is how you can play with Wilds, as wild symbols used to replace all other icons in order to create winning combinations, but also a Scatter as a scatter symbol and used to allow you to access free spins. Obviously, you will be able to benefit from multipliers, but also other equally important special symbols which could lead you to touch a jackpot of 100,000 coins maximum in cash.

What if we told you about a feature announced by the developer? Indeed, we know that the slot machine will also be equipped with a mystery and collection function, allowing you to accumulate and save points. An opportunity here to store your points even if you decide to quit the game and come back later. New and effective, this little extra adds even more spice to the game and justifies twice as much that the slot machine is already expected by thousands of players.

Playtech’s The Dark Knight Coming Soon

You are not really gnomes and prefer the universe of DC Comics and its superheroes? Then you will certainly be happy to hear that the new slot machine The Dark Knight, offered by Playtech, will be online soon as well. Surfing on the home stretch before the start of summer, Playtech has just announced the upcoming release of a new title in its game library. This will be a new online slot machine inspired by the legend of the famous hero Batman.

Playtech is tackling a remake of the film “The Dark Knight”, a title which already holds its fame in its category and in which you will be able to don the costume of the vigilante and therefore accompany the night knight throughout Gotham, history of protect the city from its terrible criminals who roam the streets, like its nemesis: the Joker. Playtech, which always accustoms us to quality products, offers here a game which does not deviate from the rule, by being endowed with an always impressive graphics. He knows how to play on the rendering and has even endowed his next slot machine with a background that gives the game a really perfect and immersive effect.

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