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Reimagining Education: Essays On Reviving the Soul of Learning (2009), edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery and Jennifer Selig, as well as essays by them and16 other teachers, was inspired by the flat and anemic language of “no child left behind” as a fix-it phrase for what ails education in America today. The essays respond to […]


Twisted Sky: Selected Poems (2007) comes in large measure from the natural world, personal experience and philosophic musings. The author writes in his Introduction: “Not just nature, but wildness itself [are] metaphors of the irrational in the human soul and as an image sign system infused with religious divinity and human passion.” Paperback: $14.00. Free […]


Psychology at the Threshold (2001), edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery and Lionel Corbett is a collection of essays by 25 of the presenters at the International Conference on Archetypal Psychology at the University of Santa Barbara in Goleta, California in 2000. Of the many excellent presentations on all aspects of depth and archetypal psychology, mythology […]


Casting the Shadows: Selected Poems (2001) by Dennis Patrick Slattery is the first of four volumes of poetry by the author. Of this wide assortment of themes, the author writes in the Introduction: “Poetic images, I began to sense, were ways to organize experience along a different pathway in the psyche and in the body. […]


Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field (2000) edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery and Lionel Corbett, consists of 20 chapters by Pacifica Graduate Institute Faculty on depth and archetypal psychology. One of its aims is to reveal how depth psychology has established itself as its own unique field of study, with its own ontological awareness of […]