A Conversation with Skip Conover, Part Three

Greetings! This is the final post in an interview series with Skip Conover. Enjoy and let me know how you think/feel about these notions of mythopoetics.


5. Both Quantum Physics and Tibetan Buddhism refer to the illusory nature of matter and reality. Your poem “Imagined Flesh” in the same volume seems to refer back to these ideas. Was this your conscious intention? What are the mythopoetic elements of this poem? What is your strategy in writing a poem like this? Do you intentionally refer back to you knowledge of archetype before or during the time that you are writing a poem? Why?

Imagined Flesh

Where inside the garments I
wear to hide my fictions
is a person of substantial means?

Open the core of organs and blood
arteries and veins
brain and rivulets of fluids
and the smells of a self
updraft in spirals.

Take the temperature of an
illusion and count the beats of
a heart on its own.

No one is home in citadels
of uncertainty; fasten yourself
anything coerced by gravity.

Accept the illusion of yourself
using real silverware to slice
imaginary apples and fantastic
pears frail in the face of fortune.

I exact tokens from every turnstile
see into gross negligence
the contours of creations
as if I had substance
but no accidents.

When I am moved to a poetic response it is more that I forget everything I know in order for the poem to have its way with me.

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