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A Conversation with Skip Conover, Part Three

Greetings! This is the final post in an interview series with Skip Conover. Enjoy and let me know how you think/feel about these notions of mythopoetics. Blessings. 5. Both Quantum Physics and Tibetan Buddhism refer to the illusory nature of matter and reality. Your poem “Imagined Flesh” in the same volume seems to refer back […]


A Conversation with Skip Conover, Part Two

“A Conversation on Archetype and Mythology with Dennis P. Slattery, Ph.D.” We are living in a unique paradox: more information than anyone can digest in ten lifetimes and yet more narrow thinking, more illiteracy, more national and global sufferings. I think we are in an age of information excess or overload. A recent book by […]


A Conversation with Skip Conover, Part One

Greetings! This is the first part of an interview conducted by Skip Conover about Jung and mythopoetics. “Interview with Dennis P. Slattery, Ph.D. About Mythopoetics, Part 1” 1. How were you first introduced to the concepts of Carl Jung? What happened that led you to make his concepts a central theme of your career? Interesting […]